Friday, July 18, 2008

English Class

Last month I took Normal Nutrition and absolutely loved it! This month I am taking English Composition II. This class is from Monday-Thursday and will be over in 3 weeks (Thanks God). I really don’t like this class. You may think:

But she really needs some English classes.

And I agree hehehe…I’m sure I make many mistakes in English, and I’m not accommodated. I want to improve my English skills, and I’d love to attend a class that would really help me but that is not the case.

First of all, we are burning up! The air conditioner has been broken since last week, and we cannot change to another room because it is a compressed video class. The other rooms don’t have all the necessary visual and audio equipments. They keep saying they are working on it but we're still waiting. When it is summer time, it is really hot because it is really humid here.

Secondly, how can we convince people that we do not speak Spanish?
Soon I’ll be talking about it.

Third: Last week we spent almost an hour learning about verb to be:
I am, You are, He is and Blablabla!
Come on!!!!! I learned it in Brazil when I was a kid.

Forth: There is too much stupid talk in that class. There is a selected group of ladies that keep interrupting the class to talk about their lives, and it does not bother the instructor at all. You may think I’m just grumpy but sometimes the talking lasts more than thirty minutes. I don’t drive everyday for twenty minutes to listen to their problems in a 100F classroom!

Last but not least: Although I love to write, I’m sick of writing essays and analysis in APA style. I’m so glad it will be over soon!

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