Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rape Preventive Measures

I had my last regular test on NG 134 today and the concepts were dementia, delusion, sexual assault and rape. I found it good to post some preventive measures that I read on the book when I was studying last night for the test I had today. I got them from Medical-Surgical Nursing by Monahan:

Prevention of Attack:

*Set the house lights to go on and off by timer.
*Keep the lights on at all entrances.
*Instal safety locks on windows and doors.
*Have the keys ready before reaching the door of the house or car.
*Look inside the car before entering it.
*Never let strangers get inside your house; insist on identification from all service personnel; check indentity with agency if suspicious.
*Do not list first name on mailbox or telephone directory.
*Be alert when walking.
*Avoid lonely or enclosed areas.

If attacked:

*Run toward a lighted house; yell "Fire!"
*Spit in the rapist's face; act bizarre; vomit.
*Rip off rapist's glasses.
*Step hard on yhe rapist's foot (instep).
*Aim at his eyes; try to gouge the eyes; scrape the face.
*Hit his throat at Adam's apple (larynx).
*Use fighting and screaming with caution; this may scare some rapists, but encourage others.
*Try talking to avoid rape.
*Make close observations about the rapist, his car, and location.

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