Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Soup Kitchen

Yesterday I went to work as a volunteer with classmates and our instructor, Mrs. Snowden. We went to a place called Care Center, known as Soup Kitchen, a place that provides free lunch for the disabled and the mentally ill. It is located in Clarksdale Mississippi, a good drive from here, and we had to be there at 7 in the morning. I was expecting a very cold weather, but actually the temperature was not bad at all. We (Paula, Jennifer, Marla and I) got there at 7:10am because Paula had to go back to her house to get her name badge. When we got there, we went to the storage to set up lots of canned food that people brought to donate to the Care Center. After one hour placing the canned foods in the right places, Anna asked me to go with her and another guy take the lunch boxes to people’s houses. Some people just go to the Care Center to get lunch, but some people cannot go, so we have to take their lunch boxes to them. After driving for about an hour and a half around the town, we came back to the Care Center and we worked in the kitchen chopping green onions and peeling baby carrots. It was a great experience and I really want to go back. Unfortunately I cannot go any time soon, because I have classes all the days they are open (Monday through Friday). About noon we were done, so we cleaned the kitchen up and headed to a café called The Dutch Oven where we ate a delicious meal! I definitely want to go back there with Leon. They serve some very good soups, salads and sandwiches, and the strawberry pie looks amazing, but I was too full to try it. I bought one brownie for Leon, and he loved it. I have heard about this place from several people, but never had the opportunity to go there. With our belly full, we came back to old Helena to attend another class that we have at 4:00pm on Tuesdays. The day was busy, but it was a blessing!


Anonymous said...

Muito legal vcs terem feito isso! Eu acho trablaho voluntaria uma coisa legal e também super nobre! Estou até procurando algo voluntario por aqui quando eu tiver conseguindo me comunicar um pouco em alemão!


Lucia Cintra said...

Eu tb quero mt volunteer meu tempo, mas quero ajudar animais e devo estar indo la amanha.

Achei super legal vc fazer isso, da uma sensacao boa, ne?